Tom Dugan Stars In The Naughtiest Movie on Tubi

Tom Dugan Stars In The Naughtiest Movie on Tubi

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Los Angeles, CA, Release: March 11, 2021. For Immediate Release.

FreeStyle Digital Media announces the re-release of the timeless romantic film “TWOGETHER” for high definition download. In 1995 Sony Pictures Entertainment initially released “TWOGETHER,” which took the world by storm one kiss at a time. Showcasing Jeremy Piven (“Entourage”) as Arnie, “TWOGETHER” follows the story of a sultry couple who lose themselves in a weekend of crazy, passionate, intimate, kinky sex.

“In many ways, “TWOGETHER” is timelier today than when it was first released,” comments Writer/Director Andrew Chiaramonte. “Casual sex leading nowhere is a sign of the time; another 'drug' of sorts to help distance oneself from the harsh reality of today's world.”

Produced by Emmett Alston and Andrew Chiaramonte, the film stars Nick Cassavetes (“Hangover II,” director of “Notebook”), Brenda Bakke (“Hot Shots! Part Deux”), Jeremy Piven (“Mr Selfridge”) and Jim Beaver (“Supernatural”).

"Brenda Bakke is a cross between Faye Dunaway and Sharon Stone." - MARY HORNER, SEVENTEEN

John Madler (Nick Cassavetes) is an driven, erratic, starving artist who believes in independence of artistic expression, forms a dynamic obsession to Allison McKenzie (Brenda Bakke) an affluent young woman from Bel Air who is searching for an escape from reality. When the couple get together at an art exhibit, it's lust at first sight, and practically nothing can prevent them from running off to Las Vegas alongside one another for what becomes a outrageous time of sexual abandon and intoxication - a spent weekend where they surrender to their sexual desires and their passions devoid of retraint. But when hearts gets involved, their affair built on lust begins to mold into something unexpected. “TWOGETHER” is about a a overview of the love involving two people; a good example of how a man and a woman can find each other even when they shouldn't, but can make it work even when it's almost not worth it.

“TWOGETHER” is now available for instant download on iTunes (, Amazon (, Google Play (, YouTube (, and Microsoft Movies & TV (including Xbox)( for rent or purchase.


The film is distributed by FreeStyle Digital Media ( and is unrated.

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Rumored Buzz on 90's Movies

This checklist beneath, in no individual purchase, from the twenty five best romantic movies consists of traditional movies within the mid-twentieth century, in addition to gems from over the past twenty years. I've also involved a sadness rating to help you determine the quantity of packing containers of tissues you'll want.

The Blair Witch Task is An excellent bit of artwork that goes past low cost soar scares and haunting musical cues. It manages to be much more terrifying than nearly all of its friends, without having many of the bells, whistles and horror tropes we’ve come to count on. On an more info especially modest budget, The Blair Witch Task made A really exceptional cinema working experience having a legacy that still stands right now, and the final moments of the movie, even twenty years afterwards, however haunt us. --Dale Driver

The top Film Dialogues Endlessly will be the very best put on the internet to acquire very good quotes from your preferred movies. You should Be happy to search by our extensive database.

I’m not gonna debate you, Jerry. I’m not gonna debate! The Coen brothers’ Fargo is the right mix of dark comedy and thriller which the pair excel at, telling the legitimate-but-not-really-true Tale of normal schmoe Jerry Lundegaard (a painfully smiley William H. Macy) who arranges to acquire his spouse kidnapped Together with the hopes of fixing his cash problems, only for matters to go from lousy to even worse to absolutely the worst.

. Sadly, it’s bravura strategy in assistance to some repellant ideology. Demonizing unions, Kazan utilized his tale of the longshoreman convinced to show stool pigeon against corrupt labor bosses for a justification for the fact he named names through the height of McCarthyism. Credit rating: Columbia Pictures

Along with its tight plot and good costumes, "Gladiator" has lots of, intriguing adore triangles, of which Russell Crowe's is considered the most poignant and which conveys the depth of the like which transcends death.

sixty two Metascore Within the operate immediately after murdering a man, accountant William Blake encounters a wierd aboriginal American gentleman named Nobody who prepares him for his journey in the spiritual entire world.

I'm lucky that my fiancé was in no way Considerably of the Film watcher and hasn't viewed a lot of the classics, so I get to find out them again for The very first time through her eyes... the one Clark Gable she at any time noticed was GWTW several decades back again with me, so past night time we snuggled, after some lasanga and pizza, in bed and watched, for her The 1st time, It Took place 1 Night time.

The movie's a couple of woman in 1930s Hong Kong who functions like a intelligence agent, but falls for her mark. It acquired notoriety when it was unveiled for its NC-17 rating.

It’s a movie that’s simultaneously tricky to view and fantastic to behold. —Lilah Ramzi, commerce editor

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To now, We'll look at ten below-appreciated cult classics from the '90s which have been overdue for your continuation or reboot!

It truly is difficult to think of one thing attention-grabbing to mention about Mamoru Oshii's Ghost during the Shell that wouldn't just be strolling all over extensively lined ground -- and once and for all cause.

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